Two days in Brussel

My two days in Brussel, take it like I had a feeling in me to go here. Not alone but visiting a friend who lives here, she is studding here end she is doing well. And while I visiting her here, I did feel a bit awkward in a way of feeling a point that I search why, why did I make the choice going to her and seeing what will happen. First of all I did love it to come here for a hug in our friendship, the first day we went out and starting the day just after a dinner in downtown of Brussel, and just to put me out of my comfort-zone at a restaurant where I will never go on my own , and I will even never go to get a cup of coffee, it is not something that is in my mind to visit a restaurant what is a little bit too much looking at a tourist and take money out of it. I can not say it is wrong or a bad experience it is just this is nothing for me feeling comfortable. So after all it is not that bad at all, but nothing for me haha.

So here I go, starting my day alone in some breakfast café in Brussel called ‘’Belga & Co Simple pleasures’’ but were the simple pleasures is coming from I don’t know, but I like the coffee they serve. And in what I am seeing it is like a very local place for residents of Brussel, all talking French and a lot of people know each other by doing the typically Belgium kiss to the cheek, only once to everybody they know, often men to men to 🙂

And I am speaking and writhing this in English, maybe because off all the days I did stay with M we only speak English to each other, more because I cant understand a word of Spanish and she only speaks a few words in Dutch. Coming off the idea to learn more German, this weekend I only spoke some French and often English, maybe that’s why I starting without a clue writhing this peace in English. And maybe it can be a good idea do hold it this way to get my grammar a little bit better by writhing this blog in English for now on, and maybe next year I will switch to German 🙂  

Hmm dreaming away that I thought writhing my blog in German 🙂 big smile for me on my face while I did writhe that last sentence, even I don’t know wy it is making me that happy, I think it is more of the idea that I see making a change in my life what is coming towards me. Even when I am writing this, it is not in a flow of telling my feelings in a way I do when I write directly in Dutch, but I think I can see another way coming in seeing myself in a life without speaking or writhing in Dutch for a while.

So here I am telling about some days I felt a bit different in me, I can say happy but on a other line in life, doing more things out of some comfort zone and telling a lot off future things that can be real in my life. I loved the talking with M, together sitting some were and talk about WHY and life changing things that is not for everyone, talking about a line in life what is for everyone different but the way of letting that line become closer to you to life on that edge of dead, living or suicide. Even wen u cross it, it is not always directly your end of life but u let it come closer to you to see what u can feel in a situation that is never seen before in your life. But maybe someone else did it on an other way to see the same line in life.

After all, these two days came out of the bleu and I kind of love the way I did see a comfort zone around my uncomfortable way of doing things.